How does Solar Party work?

Hosting a solar party is fun and easy. Host the party, invite your friends, family and neighbors, and let SunFusion Solar do the rest! Have fun with your guests while learning about the many uses of solar energy through fun and interactive presentations.

How to host a solar party:

Step 1: Get together a list of invitees (family, friends, neighbors).
Step 2: Contact SunFusion Solar.
Step 3: Pick a date for the party.
Step 4: Enjoy the party.
Step 5: Collect any earned rewards!



We could not be more satisfied with our choice to have SunFusion Solar design, plan and install solar on our rooftop. The install team was fun to have around and completed the work very timely and efficiently. Our neighbors barely knew we had a crew working on the house. Very professional all the way around!


After reading SDG&E plan to hike up rates this fall as much as 30% I sent off an email to Walter at SunFusion. We had a recommendation from a coworker. So glad we made the call. Their quote was much less than others, but with quality components. Also no hassle. Once the contract was signed the plans were approved in a couple of weeks and the install for a 4.5 KW system took 1.5 days!  With a nothing down loan we will be saving money right from the start. 25 year savings should be around $70,000.


I  have been a customer since January 2010. SunFusion Solar has made solar energy affordable to many many people and I’ll always be grateful for that.  Now, I have made my solar school in Mexico thanks to their products, my home is solar and I can make a living with solar energy. Keep going, make the whole world solar!


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