99% off the grid

SunFusion Solar introduces a new generation of solar – the IDES Hybrid Energy Storage System.  This is a battery storage system used to store any excess solar energy that is generated by your system during the day and use that stored energy at night. If the stored energy in the batteries runs out, the grid is still there as further back up, allowing consumers to have the best of both worlds.



How The Hybrid Energy Storage Works

The solar array produces energy during the sunny hours of the day and automatically charges the battery storage bank. The battery storage bank supplies energy to your home during the night when your system isn’t producing. Even if the electric grid suffers a blackout, your home will still be supplied energy from your battery storage bank and you will have electricity while all others are without electricity.

1.   SOLAR PANELS absorb energy from the sun and convert the solar radiation into DC energy

2.   The CHARGE CONTROLLER transfers DC energy to the Battery Storage Bank

3.   The PDP (Power Distribution Panel) bridges the Battery Storage Bank to the Hybrid Inverter

4.   The HYBRID INVERTER converts the DC power to AC power for use in the home or business

5.   The MAIN SERVICE PANEL main breaker at the can now be turned off, as the property is no longer dependent on the electric utility grid

6.   The METER will measure the amount of energy that the grid sends to the home or business, should additional energy be needed for special circumstances or events.
In this case, the main service breaker can be turned back on should to receive electricity from the UTILITY GRID

7.   BATTERY BANK stores the energy produced by solar panels and power the house during the night ours or blackouts.

NONE of the energy your system produces will ever be sent to the electric grid – it will be for YOUR USE only.


Independence from power networks
Higher return from Solar panels
No Black outs
More savings
It takes a less roof space (perfect for those who have limited roof space)
Helps you to stay off the grid



We could not be more satisfied with our choice to have SunFusion Solar design, plan and install solar on our rooftop. The install team was fun to have around and completed the work very timely and efficiently. Our neighbors barely knew we had a crew working on the house. Very professional all the way around!


After reading SDG&E plan to hike up rates this fall as much as 30% I sent off an email to Walter at SunFusion. We had a recommendation from a coworker. So glad we made the call. Their quote was much less than others, but with quality components. Also no hassle. Once the contract was signed the plans were approved in a couple of weeks and the install for a 4.5 KW system took 1.5 days!  With a nothing down loan we will be saving money right from the start. 25 year savings should be around $70,000.


I  have been a customer since January 2010. SunFusion Solar has made solar energy affordable to many many people and I’ll always be grateful for that.  Now, I have made my solar school in Mexico thanks to their products, my home is solar and I can make a living with solar energy. Keep going, make the whole world solar!


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