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SunFusion Solar Versus the Competition

We know there are a multitude of other solar companies in the Southern California Area Our goal is to provide you the best service with the highest-quality products and the most professional installations. SunFusion Solar is dedicated to your success and in reducing the world’s carbon footprint one home or business at a time

Why Pick SunFusion Solar?

First of all, we do all of our installations in-house. This means when you hire us, the work is done by our team. We are licensed to install and are not a solar broker company. What we have in writing is what you get. We are committed to our word.  We have a San Diego supplier that is well stocked and ready to ship after a permit is received from the proper city or county.

How We Work

After hiring SunFusion Solar, we will conduct a Photovoltaic Feasibility Study that helps us to learn valuable information about your project. It may also uncover potential areas of concern that weren’t apparent from an initial consultation. From there, we do a solar site assessment where we perform a load analysis and determine your particular solar window. With all of that information, we can provide you various approaches to your solar project as well as discuss objectives, costs and other important factors. We are a seasoned solar energy staff and have no reason to force a sale. If you want it, we will sell it to you. Simple as that! If you request a quote, we will give it to you and explain how we came up with our numbers.

You can trust in our solar energy service! Our staff is well versed in all codes and installation practices regarding On and Off Grid Solar Photovoltaics. Our RMO has been an electrician since 1986 and started as a C-10 contractor in 2008. He ensures all of his staff is educated on the latest practices for solar installations. 

We understand that there are no shortages of solar companies you can choose from to meet your energy needs. Earning the opportunity to service you is what we strive for at Sun Fusion Solar. In terms of solar values, we provide the highest-quality products and the most professional installations in Southern California.

Based in San Diego, we are a small company with low overhead. We do it all, whether surveying, advising, quoting or installing.  We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and want our customers to recommend us to friends and neighbors.
We meet our customer’s expectations by understanding our business, controlling our costs and providing a great value to our customers by following through on our promises. At SunFusion Solar, we understand that there is no magic to good business - just hard work, commitment and dedication to our customers and the unwavering commitment to do exactly what we say we are going to do when we are supposed to do it.  
Many solar companies think that solar is a sales business, but at SunFusion Solar, we know that it is a construction one.  The only way the construction makes sense is if the numbers do.  Ultimately, numbers don’t lie. The most logical conclusion for your energy needs is to use us, SunFusion Solar, to be your Solar Energy provider and installer.
Management Team

Sandra, President & CEO
Sandra’s career started in 1976 at SeaWorld working in merchandising. She took a break from the work world in 1982 to start a family and continued working in 1986 at American Airline as a reservation agent. Her career with SunFusion Solar began in 2010 when she became President of SunFusion Solar as an electrical contractor. While starting SunFusion, she also worked with various solar companies as a B2B contractor.
Walter, Director of Installations & RMO
Walter’s electrical career started in 1986 after his high school graduation. He attended Journeymen Electrician School for four years with code classes, low voltage and AutoCAD R14 training.  By 1992, he was a Residential and Commercial Foreman using his Low Voltage and Hi-Voltage troubleshooting skills. He later started working for specialized electrical contractors in different industries to advance his knowledge of the field.
In 1998, Walter started installing DC battery backup systems in office buildings and parking structures and two years later, worked as a project foreman for an electrical contractor building churches and automotive dealerships throughout California.
In 2005, Walter started solar with one of California’s biggest commercial solar installation companies as a project superintendent. He began work on a 2 MW job with over 45 employees taking just two months to complete and finishing under budget.
In 2008, Walter became a C-10 electrical contractor, still working with various solar companies as a B2B contractor and AutoCAD Designer for all Solar Companies needing code-compliant solar designs from SunFusion Solar Electric Inc.


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