Spearheaded by the experience and expertise of one of the industry’s most highly-regarded specialists, SunFusion Solar delivers end-to-end service, support and consultancy for solar installation in San Diego. We are a highly-qualified, dynamic team led by a C10 electrical contractor with over 26 years of experience (who is more highly-rated than NABCEP-certified professionals in the area.) We take ownership of every project from the initial consultation and provide comprehensive follow-up support to ensure your investment is properly maintained and protected throughout its life.

SunFusion Solar combines the skills and training of a high-end service provider with the personal care and attention of a close-knit committed team here in San Diego to provide the most seamless, hassle-free experience in solar installations.

Lower your bills

An optimized solar system from a top-tier service provider such as SunFusion Solar can help you slash your monthly electric bill by as much as 75%.

Take advantage of incentives

Solar is heavily incentivized. When you install an approved system from SunFusion Solar, you qualify for state and federal rebates covering up to 40% of your investment.

Make your money back

SunFusion’s custom designs give you higher monthly savings, which translate to faster rates of return. In only 5 to 6 years, your total savings could be higher than your initial outlay on the solar installation.

Protect yourself from rising costs

Going solar reduces your dependency on utility companies such as SDG&E and protects you from soaring electricity rates.

Join the green movement

Solar is clean, sustainable energy. It allows you to reduce your carbon footprint and harness nature’s bounty without affecting the environment.

Partner with the Pros!

We’re the gold standard in solar and offer the best quality equipment backed by the best warranty structure, not to mention our hard-to-beat prices and impeccable workmanship. We are fully equipped and have the tools and resources to provide the range of services, from assessment, design, liaising and installation to service and PV equipment repairs. As a one-stop-shop for all things ‘solar,’ everything we do is in-house.

  • Free no-obligations estimate
  • Top-rated LG modules and Enphase microinverters
  • Industry-best “all in one” 25-year warranty for whole system
  • Free online monitoring and support
  • Up to 30% more production than the competition

All that and more with the SunFusion promise of excellence. Schedule a free, no-obligation evaluation and see what we can do for you.  Call (888) 506-3732 to get started.